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Gennaro Avallone artist and designer


Gennaro Avallone
artist and designer

For the past twenty-five years artist/designer Gennaro Avallone has been creating original artworks and furniture in his Milan showroom. He has recently completed work on two properties on the private island of Mustique in the West Indies as well as the ultra-chic Sikelia Retreat Hotel on Pantelleria near Sicily. At present he is working on a substantial house in London’s Belgravia, an important dacha in Russia, and a prestigious five star hotel complex in China.
His cathedral-like showroom in Milan – a former salami factory – invariably houses a wealth of ground-breaking ideas, featuring handmade furniture together with exquisite canvases and sculptural glass.



Via Giuseppe Meda, 37
20141 Milano
E-mail: info@laboratorioavallone.com
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